by KAB

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released June 17, 2016

© ℗ Le Sofa
Artwork : Léa Rollin
Mixage : Guillaume Jay
Mastering : Benjamin Joubert



all rights reserved


KAB Paris, France

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Track Name: Teddy Bear
You have to understand
You have to understand the way I am
You have to end
You have to end

I say potato, you say potatoe. You should never complain, cause I never explain.
I play by ear, I'm on the game, you bought me for a song. Farewell my teddy bear.
I say carott, you say carott. You can't unring a bell, there's nothing more to say.
Why do I always get the blame ? Don't get me wrong. Farewell my teddy bear.
Track Name: Pretty Toy
No rain
But snow
No pain
But some kind of sweet sorrow

Women admired
Women desired
Only by the fellows
Who soon grow tired

To cope
In vain
When there is no crumb of hope

She’s just a pretty toy to play with
A pretty toy to play with
Not the kind they choose to grey with
Track Name: Cold Star
My sweet voice fills the mic
The crowd stares at me, blind
I'm a princess with no smile
But you frogs would kill for one kiss

Beg for me to fire
The passion I inspire
I'm a candle you can't light
A train everyone would miss

Swaying walk, cheeky winks
The party's in full swing
Wait your turn but don't be shy
First deserve and then desire

Sharp claws but no nails
Life ain’t no fairy tale
I’m a witch dressed up in red
Not the bitch that’d jump in your bed
Track Name: Arty Show
I said that tongue in cheek, people said "what a cheek!"
"I wanna be a celebrity"
I wanted to be rich, well known and, so to speak,
It was kind of lemon squeezy

A good dollop of theatrical makeup
Naughty panties, I am such a tease
Shaking my butt like a former slut
I know that you piggies wanna see my titties

I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I'm gonna live a lie but that's the name of the game

I'll sell you a pup with my pinup pushup
But I want to warn you laddie
Though I'll string you along with my obscene thong
My heart still belongs to Daddy

Yesterday a freak, I mean the kind that reeks
Today, covered with glory
In a couple of weeks, I'm gonna play hide and seek
This is the end of the story